Shutting Off

Posted September 25, 2015

It’s important in any industry to be able to put the blinders on and work on your particular craft. What about when you’re craft is the one that created the voluminous amount of noise that is coming from the internet directly at us at all times. You get sucked into all kinds of noise that chokes any creativity or productivity.

If you are building a software business however small the important thing to remember is that you won’t fail. It’s just not even a possibility. It’s interesting to me how people can say something like that and have a straight face. But if you go down that path of starting your own software business you have to find a way to channel those people in your life you know as being unfailingly positive. I am not one of those people. Have I become one, no but I’m getting better.

Trim your FB feeds, trim your Twitter feeds. No fear mongering news. No fear mongering newspapers. Newspapers are not better just because they are in print form. Smile and nod at naysayers and doomsdayers. Figure out what lane you are in, stay there, focus and work. With sofware there is always a bug tracker you can go to with tasks, there is always bug/task triage. There is always fixing bugs. There is always thinking hard about what you should build and thinking hard about whether you’re building the right thing. It’s easy for me to focus on the technical side of things which is what I’ve just done. There is that whole other cloud of black magic that is tough for us coders to delve into; marketing and sales. That’s a biggie and writing stuff like this is me dipping my foot into the water.