Publisher Tip: Do the Unexpected

Posted July 30, 2015

I respond to my users the way I wished companies responded to me.

It’s been a long time since an update to GDE has been released. Keeping my users in the loop is high on my priority list. Most of my updates are about the upcoming Localization Editor, but letting them know there’s more to buy is a good practice. They know what they get buying from me, and what they get is awesome. But It’s not just about marketing. My users know the project is ongoing. GDE hasn’t been abandoned. For assets on the Unity Asset Store, this is important.

I was surprised when I got a message about the Localization Editor. He was interested in localization and assured me that he would purchase it. Ah! An opportunity! I wrote up some basic instructions, cut him an alpha, and asked him to test drive it. For the next couple of days I sent him software updates. He gave me feedback and suggestions. Having a real user helped bring the project to submission much faster. It also boosted the crap out of my confidence - which amounts to good things.

At the end of the exchange he thanked me for being so generous. He bought a copy of GDE and promised to buy LE when it was released. The moment I get the asset store approval, the first thing I’m gonna do is send him a free key. I know he will give back ten fold. I’m not sure how, or if I’ll ever know. But he will.

*Update: He came back and left a fantastic 5 star review.