Publisher Tip: Ask for Reviews

Posted June 25, 2015

Do one thing to help your business every day.

I think Seth Godin said it. Regardless, you should subscribe to his blog. He writes every day and it’s good. Usually short posts, thought provoking, and helpful.

I don’t take this to mean doing the work. That’s a given. I mean the other stuff that’s not as sexy as writing software. Writing blog posts, website copy, new ideas, marketing, these things need to be done regularly.

GDE has been steadily growing since its release. After a few bursts in sales and reviews, what it needs to grow is exposure. The product itself is solid. The support is solid. What brings in the biggest influx of new users is more traffic.

We’ve had two sales, and a feature on the front page of the Unity Asset Store. In all three instances, there were a boost in sales. That might be obvious to you, but it certainly wasn’t obvious to me. I figured a great asset is all I needed. Users would find it and share it. They would be so delighted they would rate and review it. Not so.

One of the daily business building practices I do now is ask. When I have the opportunity to help a user, I make sure they walk away happier than they expected to be AND I ask for a review. I ask to be featured on the asset store. I ask to be on sale. It works. Every user I’ve asked for a review has left a glowing one. Not every time I’ve asked the Asset Store for help materialized, but it has helped more often than I expected. All because I had the guts to ask.