GDEOnline Released

Posted February 2, 2016

GDEOnline is available!

Plans & Pricing for GDEOnline

I am happy to announce that GDEOnline is available. This is a companion platform to Game Data Editor for Unity3d. Unity3d is a multi-platform game development tool and Game Data Editor is our 5 star Asset in the Unity Asset Store.

GDEOnline allows developers to host their datasets in the cloud & serve them up to their games on most of the devices that Unity supports. Currently we have support for standalone (OSX & Windows), iPhone, & Android.

I think a picture sums up the service best.

  1. Architect your data with Game Data Editor in Unity3d.
  2. Deploy your datasets using the GDEOnline website.
  3. Using the GDEOnline website download the generated code to drop into your Unity Project.
  4. Build your game & ship it.
  5. Users of your game will be able to read your datasets & save their edits to the cloud.

By architecting your game or other app in a data driven way you can use GDEOnline to make updates to you game and get them out to clients quickly. It also allows you to focus on your content and data versus coding & maintaining the plumbing involved in cloud operations.

Take a look at the Plans & Pricing for GDEOnline & give it a shot.